在esball世博, you’ll have all the tools, 资源, and support you need for academic excellence while learning to live your life with purpose. 自1929年以来, Fenwick has offered world-class academics, 竞争激烈的体育运动, and the Dominican Catholic pillars of prayer, 研究, community and preaching (service).

“As the only high school in the United States sponsored by Dominican Friars, Fenwick has a unique tradition that offers more than a classic liberal arts education and world-class 阀杆 – you join a lifelong network of powerful leaders, brilliant minds and faithful servants making a difference every day. As a premier college preparatory school guided by Catholic values and the Dominican pillars of spiritual life – prayer, 研究, community and preaching – we empower students to grow intellectually, 精神上 and 在情感上 in a proven environment.

This environment highlights the Dominican pillar of Prayer in many ways, but especially through the mandatory 凯洛 retreat program, which many students describe as the most profound and transformational of their Fenwick experiences.”


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College Preparatory and 大学位置


  • 1

    ACT 36分
  • 29.4

    Top 50% Composite ACT score
  • 12

    National Merit Scholarship recognitions (2 finalist, 8 commended)
  • 5

  • 170

  • 65

  • 120

    College Board Recognition Program Scholars

Empowering Students Through The Arts

In our 富有表现力的艺术 Department, we work to develop students’ critical thinking skills while expressing thoughts and feelings through spoken, 音乐的, and artistic expressions. Students have the opportunity to to grow and develop creatively while gaining a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Rigorous, Uplifting, and Diverse Environment

Our diverse student body consists of young men and women in the Chicagoland area with different economic and cultural backgrounds. 作为esball世博修士, you are a part of our family and lifelong network that shares our strong tradition of excellence. We continually seek to attract students to Fenwick who are willing to work hard, in and outside of the classroom, and who maintain high expectations of themselves and their peers.



  • 3

  • 69

  • 3

    PhD-degreed leaders among the Friars’ faculty and administration
  • 31%

    Teachers are also alumni
  • 4

    Dominican priests and brothers present daily in the building


esball世博, guided by Dominican Catholic values, inspires excellence and educates each student to lead, 成就与服务.


Inspired by its Dominican Catholic heritage, esball世博 will continue to be a premier college preparatory high school. We empower our students to grow intellectually, 精神上, 在情感上, 社会, and physically in a disciplined 多样化的环境. Through this transformational experience, our graduates continue the Fenwick tradition of excellence and serve as compassionate leaders, committed to justice and peace in a changing global society.

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